Monday, August 20, 2007

Emulation NDC+ for ATMs NCR 50xx of 3th. generation

It is a program NDC emulator (NCR Direct Connect) to update tellers 50xx to 56xx on Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP. Connected via TCP/IP, doing interface from the PC in way USB towards the teller to Terminal I/O handling the following characteristics of NDC+:
  • Screens
  • Satates
  • Fits (Financial institution Table)
  • Printer Data
  • Supervisor messages
  • configuration parameters
  • Terminal to central messages
    • Transaction request message
    • Status messages
    • Device fault status information
  • Central to terminal messages
    • Customization data commands
    • Transactional Reply commands
  • Supervisor Menu (this is similar to the supervidor menu of the 56xx).
    • Replenish menu
    • Access Menu
    • Utilities menu
    • Configure menu
  • Encrypting Pin Pad (EPP) 3Des ISO 9564 format 0, ISO PIN format 1,VISA PIN format 2 / ECI3 format, VISA PIN format 3, Diebold standard format y Diebold enhanced format.
  • M-Satus and M-data
  • electronic journal
With screens it is possible to be worked with:
  • The most popular formats of images like: BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX and others
  • Screens Can be designed in HTML with gifs animated.
  • Videos : MPG y AVI
  • Voice with WAV format file.

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Anonymous said...

what is the platform used?