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Tips for faster and easier coding from CodeGear

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Tips for faster and easier coding with Delphi, C++Builder and CodeGear RAD Studio 2007
Here are just a few of the IDE features in Delphi 2007 and C++Builder 2007 that can speed your development and save you time. Find out more about the new IDE features since Delphi 7 or try CodeGear RAD Studio for yourself and see how much faster your development can be.

Live Templates
Live Templates speed-up coding by providing template-based code insertion. Live Templates are simple XML files, so you can write your own code templates depending on your specific needs.

If a template has one or more jump points that are editable, it will automatically enter SyncEdit mode when you are inserting it into your code. The jump points allow you to navigate between different areas of the template, using the Tab key and SHIFT+Tab keys.

Below is a picture of Live Templates in action, creating a try...finally block:

Live templates creating a try...finally block

History Manager
The History Tab functions as a very simple source control system. Each time a file is saved, a backup is made and stored in a subdirectory. The IDE tracks these changes and allows the developer to review earlier versions of the file using a diff engine. If an older version of the file is needed, it can replace the existing file.

Learn to make the most of the History Tab in this 5 minute video

Refactorings in Delphi
Refactoring is a technique used to restructure and modify existing code in such a way that the intended behavior of the code stays the same. Refactoring allows developers to stream-line, simplify, and improve both performance and readability of application code.
The following refactorings are available for Delphi users in Delphi 2007 and CodeGear RAD Studio 2007:
  • Symbol Rename
  • Extract Method
  • Declare Variable
  • Declare Field
  • Find References
  • Extract Resource String
  • Find Unit
  • Change Parameters
  • Introduce Field
  • Introduce Variable
  • Inline Variable
  • Safe Delete
Find References and Symbol Rename are also available for C++ users in C++Builder.

Rename refactoring

Virtual Folders for C++
If you find it hard to keep track of files across many directories or don't want to look at long file paths in the Project Manager, you can now use Virtual Folders to help organize and manage your files.

Just right click in the Project Manager and choose Add New Virtual Folder to add a folder. You can drag and drop files into the folder or right click the folder to add files or subfolders. You can even use virtual folders to set build order along with the new build configurations and named option sets in C++Builder 2007.

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