Sunday, February 03, 2008

Introduction to ISO-8583 SDK


ISO8583 formatter/parser or call it Simple API for ISO-8583, is advanced ISO-8583 tool/SDK for financial transaction applications.
Our SDK libraby implements parsing and formatting of all 128 fields and supports versions of 1987 (0xxx messages) and 1993 (1xxx messages). In addition our SDK is flexible and field settings can be customized at runtime as any of the 128 fields can have Your customized type and/or length, that is very useful because there is unlimited dialects and modified versions of this standard in use worldwide.

The important object in package is message object that can contain any number of fields defined by ISO8583. The messages itself are built up from smaller pieces that are ISOField and Bitmap objects. For creating and formatting of a message you just need to create a new message object and add necessary field information, the complete formatting is done by SDK library.
To parse incoming messages it is only necessary to set the input stream or byte array as a parameter and the parser will return the message object that contains all the fields available. Field information can be handled in applicable binary, alphanumeric or number form or can be converted to strings.

ISO-8583 SDK

Our ISO8583 SDK/API is great help for OO environments and makes simple to add ISO8583 capabilities for applications, without no need to spend significant amount of time and money for implementing low level parsing and formatting routines.

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JimMod said...

If you know Java programming it's not that hard to create you own parser using JPOS library.
I just create a tutorial for it: