Friday, May 02, 2008

Editing the Metabase (IIS 6.0)


Editing the MetaBase.xml file directly by using common text-editing tools is an efficient way to configure the metabase over low-bandwidth connections. Editing MetaBase.xml with Notepad is more efficient than using IIS Manager, because IIS Manager is relatively slow over low-bandwidth lines, such as a 56 KB modem. Additionally, editing the metabase file directly is faster than through user interfaces (UIs), such as IIS Manager, when hundreds or thousands of sites are running on the same computer. Editing the MetaBase.xml file directly is particularly useful for administrators who do not want to use programmatic methods to administer IIS but want an alternative to the UI methods. Editing the Metabase directly over a remote connection is not recommended because a dropped connection can leave the Metabase in an indeterminate state.

You can make changes to the MetaBase.xml file while IIS is running only if the edit-while-running feature is enabled. If edit-while-running is not enabled, you must stop IIS before you edit the MetaBase.xml file. This is inefficient and not a recommended practice.

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