Friday, May 02, 2008

Registry Reference (IIS 6.0)


The configuration registry stores entries that define the working environment for the Microsoft® Windows® operating system and any services that are installed on a computer running Windows. You can use graphical tools (such as Control Panel or Setup) to change these values, or you can use the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) utility that is included in Windows to modify the configuration registry directly.

This section includes the following information:

About the Registry: Provides conceptual topics related to the registry.

Global Registry Entries: Specifies entries used for global control of Internet services.

Service-Specific Registry Entries: Specifies entries stored in the registry by Internet services for service-specific behavior.

ASP Registry Entries: Specifies entries for Active Server Pages (ASP).

WWW Service Registry Entries: Specifies entries for the World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW service) only.

FTP Service Registry Entries: Specifies entries for FTP services only.

Related Information

For information about the metabase, see IIS Metabase.

For information about routine server administration tasks, see Server Administration Guide.

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