Friday, May 02, 2008

Service-Specific Registry Entries (IIS 6.0)


The following registry key, LanguageEngines, is not installed by default. You must create this key in the following location in order to use it.








Value: Write REG_SZ: Response.WriteEquiv |

Value: WriteBlock REG_SZ: Response.WriteBlockEquiv |


For a registry change to take effect, you must restart the service that is affected by the change. For global changes to take effect, you must restart all services.


Registry Path

(See above)

Data Type


Default Value

Not applicable


Specifies a scripting language that does not support the Object.Method syntax as the Active Server Pages (ASP) primary scripting language (the language used within the ASP script delimiters <% ... %>). LanguageName is the name of the chosen language. Response.WriteEquiv is the language's equivalent of Response.Write; and Response.WriteBlockEquiv is the language's equivalent of Response.WriteBlock. The pipe symbol (|) is an insertion used by ASP to send expressions and HTML blocks that are normally processed with Response.Write and Response.WriteBlock methods. This can be done automatically when installing additional scripting languages. If your scripting language is sensitive to white space or newline characters, you may not be able to use it as the primary scripting language even when this registry value is set. As an alternative, you can manually write HTML blocks to the browser or write that language's functions within tagged script blocks (<SCRIPT> ... </SCRIPT> ) and call them from any other language.

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