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About Gammu from Mailist "--presskeysequence does not work!"

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Dari: Michal Čihař <>
Terkirim: Minggu, 5 Oktober, 2008 00:02:02
Topik: Re: --presskeysequence does not work!


Dne Sat, 27 Sep 2008 00:31:41 +0200
"Ahmed Islam" <> napsal(a):

> I need to simulate keypad press events.
> When I used the command:
> gammu 3 --presskeysequence "*505*111111#gG"
> to simulate keypad press events on Nokia 2670 and 3110,
> I received the error message:
> Function not implemented. Help required.
> Similar problem exist in gnokii.
> I set the connection=at for the 3110 and I used minicom ... AT+CKPD gives
> ERROR as well!!

Have you tried using another connection? fbus or dlr3 might be a
possibility (or bluephonet if you are using bluetooth)

> My questions are:
> 1- Is there an existing way to simulate the keypad press?

Yes, if phone supports it.

> 2- Is it possible to implement this feature in Nokia phones? if yes, could
> you please give me any hints on how to start?

It is implemented for Nokia phones, but you need to use Nokia
proprietary connection not AT for this.

> 3- Are there any non-Nokia phones that are supported in this feature on
> gammu?

Most Sony-Ericcsson phones (I guess any non Symbian) suppport this.

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