Thursday, December 04, 2008

Getting the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive unit

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GetLogicalDriveStrings and GetDriveType

To get the drive letter corresponding to the first CD-ROM drive in a system we'll make use of two Windows API functions: GetLogicalDriveStrings and GetDriveType. With the first one we'll retrieve the list of logical drives in a buffer. This list is a sequence of null-terminated four-character-length strings (counting the null terminator), and it ends in a null character, for example:


With GetDriveType we can determine if a given drive is a CD-ROM drive by checking if the return value is the constant DRIVE_CDROM.

The following function returns the first logical drive that corresponds to a CDROM drive. The function returns an empty string ('') if no CDROM drive was found.

uses Windows;  function GetFirstCdRomDrive: string; var   r: LongWord;   Drives: array[0..128] of char;   pDrive: pchar; begin   Result := '';   r := GetLogicalDriveStrings(sizeof(Drives), Drives);   if r = 0 then exit;   if r > sizeof(Drives) then     raise Exception.Create(SysErrorMessage(ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY));   pDrive := Drives;  // Point to the first drive   while pDrive^ <> #0 do begin     if GetDriveType(pDrive) = DRIVE_CDROM then begin       Result := pDrive;       exit;     end;     inc(pDrive, 4);  // Point to the next drive   end; end;

Sample call

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin   ShowMessage(GetFirstCdRomDrive); end;

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