Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolution for Wireless Not Working After Update Kernel Fedora 16

There's always a way to resolve 'bug' in fedora 16. But for some people, it seem too difficult. But we need just a little patience to do that. After that you will feel some different satisfaction. That's linux. Ok, this's my example. Yesterday i found that my wireless connection or my wireless button doesn't work after updating my Fedora 16 to newest kernel. My netbook is HP Mini with the driver installed is broadcom. Don't be panic, below the resolution:

  1. Just remove your previous driver with #yum -y erase broadcom-wl
  2. Reinstall the driver with #yum -y install broadcom-wl
  3. Reboot #shutdown -r now
  4. You will find the wireless is back.
If you need more explanation about broadcom wireless in fedora, just visit http://fedoramobile.org/fc-wireless/broadcom-linux-sta-driver.