Sunday, November 16, 2014

Good News: Microsoft Open Sources .NET; Now It Will Run On Linux And Mac

from EFYTimes

Microsoft and Satya Nadella – the journey of rapid re-invention has set its sky-limit level, it seems. In the world of computing, Microsoft has moved a crucial step further, as they have now started open sourcing the foundation of .NET. .NET is a software which is used by worldwide developers to build websites and other online applications.

As per the latest development, the free code of .NET will now be applicable not only on those computer severs which are run by Microsoft’s own Windows operating system, but also for its two arch rivals – Linux and Apple’s Mac OS. Microsoft veteran S. “Soma” Somasegar has told that they are going to have a developer offering now which will be both relevant and attractive for developers, working on any application. Microsoft, in this way, is grabbing every possible opportunity to stay in the top in the modern software era and online services, without just reigning with their Windows system.

The software giant has realised the fact that open source Linux OS is growing very popular among businesses and software developers. The main focus of Linux OS is its containers, which streamlines building applications in a modern way. Theoritically, open source .NET, which runs on Linux and Mac OS, will now expand the usability of Microsoft’s developer tools. Hence the company will be able to create revenue from other channels as well, including premium versions of its developer tools and of course cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure. This is one of the biggest moves since January, when CEO Satya Nadella took up the charge, with an aim to raise the company’s standards in terms of open source software. Recently the company announced free Microsoft Office applications for Apple iPhones, iPads and Android devices. They have also announced the next version of Windows for computer servers will run Docker too, which is a Linux-based container technology.

.NET is considered as one of the most relevant competitors of Java. It’s considered more powerful than Java too. Microsoft now hopes to open source the .NET virtual machine and associated software libraries too. Then the company will also work with outside developers, including developers from Mono project, and will build versions of .NET virtual machine, which also run on Linux and Mac OS. With .NET on Mac OS, it will make it easier for developers to build software for Linux severs as well. Well, the code which will allow .NET run on Linux and Mac OS has not been created yet, but as Somasegar says, it will be done in next few months.

He also said engineers in his company have been discussing this move for lat twelve years and now, thanks to Nadella, the company has actually made it happen. It’s not that Somasegar has given full credit to the CEO for the latest development, but yes he has acknowledged the fact that Nadella has played a crucial role. Somasegar commended Nadella for his advanced thinking nature and continuous drive towards more and more development. It’s for sure than open source .NET will make Microsoft software more appealing to developers.